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DEKA Clutch & Transmission

Mitsubishi EVO X DCT470 Damper Rebuild Service

Mitsubishi EVO X DCT470 Damper Rebuild Service

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Trust DEKA's expert technicians to restore your damper, ensuring peak performance and reliability for your high-performance vehicle. Our comprehensive rebuild service includes:

1. Replacement of Broken Springs: Technicians eliminate compromised performance with our meticulous replacement of any broken or damaged springs with high-quality replacements.

2. Replacement of Broken Sleeves: Technicians carefully inspect and replace any damaged sleeves, ensuring structural integrity and longevity for your damper assembly.

3. Restoration of Spring Preload: Technicians meticulously restore the preload of your damper's springs to factory specifications, optimizing clutch engagement and disengagement for smooth shifting and precise control.

4. Polishing of Case: Technicians expertly polish the damper case to remove any rubbing marks or imperfections caused by broken springs.
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