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DEKA Clutch & Transmission

Mitsubishi EVO X DCT470 Billet HD Clutch Basket

Mitsubishi EVO X DCT470 Billet HD Clutch Basket

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Exclusive to DEKA Clutches & Transmissions, this specially designed Heavy-Duty Clutch Basket for Mitsubishi EVO X with DCT470 Transmissions is constructed from billet steel, offering the distinct advantages of:

1. Increased Durability: Machined from high-quality billet steel, the DEKA Billet HD Clutch Basket is stronger and more durable than stock clutch baskets. This enhanced durability can withstand the higher torque and horsepower levels commonly associated with modified or high-performance vehicles like the EVO X.

2. Improved Heat Dissipation: High-performance driving and power modifications lead to increased heat generation in the clutch system. DEKA HD Billet Clutch Baskets offer enhanced heat dissipation properties, which can help prevent clutch slippage and maintain consistent performance, even under demanding driving conditions.

3. Enhanced Clutch Engagement: Experience reduced play in the clutch system for more precise and consistent clutch engagement, providing better control and feedback during gear changes, especially during high-performance driving.

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